Final Drive Nitro[Racing]


System requirements: 
Windows 98/98SE/2000/Me/XP
Processor: PIII 650 MHz
DirectX 7
128 MB RAM
Free hard drive space: 18 MB
3D Accelerator 16MB DirectX-compliant

ESRB - Everyone
(Entertainment Software Rating Board)


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Final Drive Nitro Hints & Tips

We�ve broken down this hint guide into four distinct parts, each of which should help you to get through the game.

1. Race Types
2. Earning Money
3. Upgrading
4. Race Courses

1. Race Types
In a simple lap race, coming in first gets you more money than second or third. The place you finish in changes the amount of money you earn for successfully performing Stunts to earn Stunt bonuses.

* 1st: 100%
* 2nd: 75%
* 3rd: 50%
* 4th: 25%

This is a tough race, but can be the most rewarding. There is one less lap in the race than the number of opponents that you face. As the race leader completes a lap, the last place car is removed from the game. If you are eliminated this way, you get no money at all.
Time Trial:
In this race, you�ll need to beat the clock to win. Each racer needs to beat the times listed on the screen for their place. That means that you don�t need to be the race leader to win, as long as you�re able to run a faster race than the listed time. Come in with a better time than the first place list, and you�ll get first place, even if you were technically fourth across the finish line.
Chicken is like a Time Trial, but you have an added obstacle: Oncoming cars! The opponents in this race go backwards around the track while you try to beat the clock.
2. Earning Money

The best way to make a lot of money is from completing stunts. Each successful stunt you complete in a row earns you a stunt multiplier that�s applied to your total stunt bonus. That means that it�s in your best interests to complete as many stunts in a row as possible, to earn a very high score. The best tracks for this are the City and Ocean tracks. Coming in second with a decent stunt bonus will be worth more than coming in first with no stunt bonus.

In order to make the most money, you�ll also need to choose the right race type. The best race types are Knockout and Lap, as they have multiple trips around the track, giving you more money making opportunities. Time Trial and Chicken only have one lap, so the rewards aren't as great. Once you get a 3x multiplier, your job should change from racing to making sure nothing hits you until that combo time is up and it gets added to your score. Hitting ANYTHING before that will ruin your combo, meaning you won�t get a thing. Once you have your class C car completely tricked out, you'll be able to easily win races in that class. The art is then to race the tracks that will give you the most cash by giving you the best jumps.

For Class C, the good money races are:
Battle of the Beach:
$0 entrance fee, $2K for first place and lots of good jumps. After some initial upgrading, you can expect about $5-9k, and after you are mostly upgraded, look for around $9-15K
Rat Race:
$250 entrance, $3K for first and even better jumps. You should be able to earn between $20K-$30K per run.
Water World:
$500 entrance, $5K for first. Exactly like Battle of the Beach, so use the same tricks and you should come out on top with an extra $2500 per race.
Top Dog:
$1K entrance, but a whopping $8K return. This race is a knockout, so if you lose, you lose it all, but when you win, you'll win big. A 4 lap race with at least $5K per lap, you're looking at $30K for even a moderate run.

Classes A and B follow along the same lines, look for any Lap or Knockout race on the Ocean or City courses.
3. Upgrading Your Car

For your first car, getting the right upgrades can really make the difference between victory and defeat. You�ll want to be sensible in upgrading your first car, that will be your primary moneymaker. You can always upgrade later cars by using your first car to make the money.

In basic order of priority, these are the upgrades that make the most difference to your race winning abilities. You will want to upgrade the ones higher on the list first and then move down the list as your earn more money.

1. Handling (and Spoiler)
2. Turbo
3. Acceleration
4. Nitro
5. Top Speed
6. Braking
7. Body, Rims, and Exhaust Tip have no effect on your car's stats. They�re pure style, and server only to make your car look more cool.

Any other car you get will follow the same pattern basically. Using a different car model doesn�t have an impact on your gameplay as they all have the same starting stats and same upgrades. Which ever one looks coolest to you is the one you should get.
4. Race Courses

This map is the starting map for class C; it has two shortcuts in it that allow you to easily get ahead of the crowd. The first shortcut is to the left just after the lane divider immediately after the start. I find it easiest to go from the start into the left lane and then from there pull left into the shortcut. This shortcut should always be taken as the long way takes many turns and the short cut is very straight forward.

The second shortcut is just after the yellow tunnel, you'll see it fairly easily going off to the right. This is also a direct shortcut compared to the normal way around. However, if you are well ahead of your opponents, I recommend taking the long way because it has 2 very good jump combos that you can pull off, whereas the shortcut has none.

This map has a lot of smaller combos, rather than a few large combos. The big jumps on this map are inside the tunnel with the green side arrows, where you should be able to get a Big Air and Power Slide combo. Then, try for multiple Power Slide combos through the glass tunnels. Out of the tunnels, you'll have either the second shortcut or the long way around. The long way will have a Big Air/Power Slide combo. If you make it into a Power Slide around the corner, you should be able to get a 3x Multiplier. The second jump should give either a Big Air/Power slide or a Big Air/Power Slide/Power Slide but is a bit harder to land. Another tunnel follows with opportunity for Power Slide Combos around the corners. Coming out of the tunnel, try to be in the center of the road, you'll hit a jump hopefully with a Big Air/Power slide combo again. The next and biggest potential combo is from the drop off at the end of this stretch, you should be able to get Big Air/Power slide off the drop and then another Air/Power slide coming around the corner for a 4x bonus. After that is the jump before the line which should be yet again a Big Air/Power slide combo.

There are no shortcuts on this map. The only tip I can really suggest is to be sure to go on the right side/inside of the red divider because you can usually pass an outside opponent without too much trouble.

The best thing about this track is that there are 3 huge jumps available in it. The first (going forward) is a fairly simple drop, expect a Big Air/Power slide combo, but if you have to lose it to prepare for the next one you should. This is THE money making jump, it�s actually 3 jumps right after another, standard combo is Big Air/Power slide/Big Air/Big Air/ Power slide for a 5x bonus, but you can even get 6x or 7x if you get a Nice Pass and a Power Slide in between the two Big Airs. The 3rd jump is right after a large banked curve, you can get a Power Slide combo before getting an Air/Big Air/Power Slide combo off of the jump. It�s usually hard to link the combo from the curve and the jump together, but if you do, look for another big 4x or 5x combo. Be careful after this jump as the S-curves are difficult and easy to get turned around in.

Again, no shortcuts on this map. You'll want to make sure you have a good Handling rating to deal with the huge number of turns and curves in this level.

Starting out, just a slight S-curve and then into a straightaway, after a turn you'll want to go into the Blue tunnel on the left, this brings you to the very large straightaway down a hill. This is where you'll leave your opponents in the dust or easily close the gap if you are behind. After this is a series of pretty bad S-curves, I haven't been able to get any combos through this part so just make it through with as little wall hitting as possible. This opens up in to the second straightaway, which also has the only jump on the map. If you have Nitro, use it here and get a 2x Huge Air/Power Slide combo. After the jump, head up the ramp to the right as the left side is much more difficult to traverse. After you get out of the tunnel, you'll be in the home stretch which is the most difficult area, lots of tight curves on slippery road. The main curve is almost a full circle banked hairpin turn. Try to keep around 60 mph and do you best to stay off the walls because this is where you can get passed easily. After that turn you're pretty much home free, and you can get a few Power Slide combos there.

Desert has some good jumps but they�re usually positioned where the road is narrow, making it hard to keep the Combo without crashing. This map does not really have shortcuts but instead has a few paths that make the game much more difficult.

Starting out, there will be a small jump; it won�t be very useful now but on your next lap it�ll turn into a good jump. The road will split here, I prefer the right hand one that goes up, but either choice is fine. A slight S-curve follows and then the first important choice to make; you'll want to be in the right hand lane as the left one is pretty rough and will slow you down significantly. After the split ends, you have a long and wide straightaway, so use your Nitro and go up the left side hill with the blue arrows, where you can get some good air off the other side. Off of the jump, Air/Big Air/Power Slide 3x combos are pretty common. After the jump, go up the left path as the right path has sand and rocks which will flip your car. Next is a straightaway ending in two good jumps, and look for 3x and 4x multipliers for this jump set. Another path split shortly after you land, either choice is fine, but I recommend the left one to set you up for the next split that happens right after. For this split you want to be up and on the left hand side which is set up by the previous split. The left hand split gives you access to the last good jump on the track, another 3x combo style double jump. After the jump is another split off, either side is fine, but I recommend the left side to be on the inside track.