Alien Shooter 2



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http://rapidshare.com/files/973236/Extr … part02.rar
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Pass: warezus.pl

Counter Strike, The Beginner of Broad Band PC Gaming

This is the world of 21st century, the century of technologies. Every thing is fast now a days and as far as the Computers and games are concerned, they are at the top of all. Every one these days like playing games and some of them love it. Well few years ago PC gaming was not so advance and usually was single user based and if any one wanted to play with any other player then one must have an extra input or any compatible playing device .

An era of new technology began after the entrance of Network gaming or Multiplayer gaming which revolutionized the PC gaming world.

The term of multiplayer gaming was that from now on if a person wants to play a certain game with any other person the he can easily connect to the other person's computer using broad band internet connection .

Usually before the arrival of Broad Band, games were played thorough Modem. This was perfect in those days as the games were not too heavy and only few packets of data are sent and received. However over the years this scene has changed greatly.


Now a days multiplayer games send and receive more data and therefore need faster protocol for sending and receiving data items. Amongst those of course is COUNTER STRIKE.

Few years ago when there was no concept of Broad Band, one would really be able to get anything faster than the ISDN connection. But today as compared to the past we have much greater availability and much greater broad band technology like DSL and Cable Modem as compare to normal dialup modem. So PC gaming has become very much advance and high quality games can be played at a very high speeds. Counter Strike is the most popular multiplayer game using Broad Band Connection. THE GAME :

Without any doubt it is the most popular game played over the years and is the modification of half life developed by Valve. It is FPS (First Person Shooter) type game and is totally action packed. The game is divided into two teams The Terrorist Forces and The Counter Terrorist Forces. The game is played on some Maps which have different locations and objectives. According to these Maps the Counter Terrorists and the Terrorist Forces assassinate/ Escapes, Hostages/ Rescues and diffuse bomb etc..


Weapons armors and other equipment are very important parts of the game. There is a wide variety of different equipments like night vision, hand grenades and other pistols and guns. The player have to buy those stuff. In order to buy ammos and other equipments, player must be in a shopping cart area and more importantly have funds in his account.

There are a lot of small and big, simple and advance equipments available in Counter Strike pistols and sub machine guns are the main features of the game. Each Weapon is different from other. Thus all the Weapons and equipment gives a realistic touch to the game. Money management is one of the most important part of the game. Therefore by buying a particular equipment or weapon and using at the time when it is needed will take the player at the top of the game without any involvement of difficulty.


As there are two teams i-e Counter Terrorists and Terrorists. The player has option of either joining either of the team. A server is created by any player usually by the host and every player must join that server in order to play the game.

The Counter Terrorist look to eliminate the Terrorists completely or fulfill the map objectives while the Terrorist forces look to completely destroy the Counter Terrorists. Thus different Map have different challenges and strategies for each team.

When a player dies he is unable to continue playing until the whole round ends until the ending of the round the player enters a spectator mode which they are free to roam around throughout the map and check out all the remaining actions.


It can be concluded in a way that Counter Strike will always have this privilege that it is the starter of the prefect broad band PC gaming which will lead to revolutionize the PC gaming world.


I m Fahad Ahmed Bashir the student of Software Engineering in department of computer science karachi university.

Star Craft

มี 2 part

Part 1 > http://www.mediafire.com/?0hf4mtyzjyz

Part 2 > http://www.mediafire.com/?9itwyywtjoy

Downloadable Game Review: Diner Dash

Playvue.com Editor's Rating: 8.0


Diner Dash brings us the story of Flo, an office lackey fed up with the monotonous, unchanging pressures of everyday life and work in the big city. Thus she hucks everything out the window and runs off to find something better to do with her life. As it turns out, that is starting a restaurant chain in suburban America.

We are taken right into her quest as a restaurateur as Flo herself; an energetic, enthusiastic owner who fulfills every role from hostess to server, bartender and busboy (thankfully, cooking is provided by a overworked dark figure behind the counter).

Beginning with her very first diner, and ending with an upscale surf and turf joint, we take on Flo's every activity; seating her guests, handing out menu's, delivering breadsticks, taking and delivering orders (not to mention cocktails), clearing tables, and seating the next guests. All this in the pursuit of money with which to improve her existing restaurants or even open up a new one!


The navigation is easy enough to pick up on the first try; it's point and click (click on a dirty table, she runs over and clears it, click on table awaiting their food, she delivers it from the counter). This does get quite challenging in the later levels where it becomes necessary to click on other activities while Flo is executing the current one (the game creates a queue of activities which Flo will execute one by one until they are complete).

Ease of Use

In terms of ease of use, this game is fantastic. I wasn't surprised when I was able to pick it up rather quickly, however I was surprised when my grandmother was flying through at a faster pace then I managed to muster. While easy to get going, it does require a master's touch to reach the highest scores at the end of the levels where constant motion is a must. But this just adds to the playability, and is a welcome change to contemporary games which prove easy to complete with no added challenges.


I found myself wanting to complete this game all the way through the first time I played it; which would worry me as to whether the game would hold my interest a week or even a month later. However, these worries are relieved with the Endless Shift feature: a score building endless level which "keeps 'em comin'" and provides extras like super ovens, bobcat-fast tennis shoes, and a super podium 3000 to help you along the way.

Full Version Features

The free trial includes unrestricted access and allows you 60 minutes of play; which just got me started. The full version includes 40+ levels of gameplay, 4 different chains, 5 different types of customers, two modes of play (Career and Endless Shift) and high score tracking. At only 10MB, it's not a hard drive buster, nor will it clog up your dialup line for too long. And at $19.99 its not a wallet buster either: cheap enough to warrant casual play throughout the year.



* Appeals to the rest of us (non-hardcore teen gamers)
* High repeat playability
* Easy to use, navigate


* No multiple player support
* Little high score competition (score posting available on publisher's website)

Bottom Line

A busy restaurateur provides a nice change of pace to card and puzzle games for those of us who aren't interested in shooting up aliens, goblins, or terrorists for 12 hours on end. Definitely high repeat playability, even after beating the Career portion of the game. Low price and download size are a real plus. Lacks in competition and multiple player support, however this only matters if you're interested in such things. One of my top 10 games of the year.

Editor's Rating:

Storyline: 8 Ease of Use: 9 Playability: 7
Overall: 8

Game Specs:

* Publisher: PlayFirst
* Full Version Price: $19.99
* Download: 10 MB
* Windows 98/2000/Me/XP
* Processor: PIII 600 MHz
* 128 MB RAM
* Free hard drive space: 12MB
* Video Card
* Sound Card

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.5 License.

Download/More Info: http://www.playvue.com/pv/downloadablegames/casual/dinerdash/

Keith Blake is a Featured Editor at Playvue.com, an up-and-coming online games website specialing in providing online games, game downloads, and multiplayer games in a rich, immersive, one-of-a-kind environment.

Source: http://www.playvue.com

Need For Speed [CARBON]

       -ระบบปฏิบัติการ Windows XP Service Pack 2 (รุ่น 32Bit เท่านั้น)
        หรือ Windows 2000 Professional Service Pack 4
       -ซีพียู Intel Pentium 4 (หรือเทียบเท่า) ที่ความเร็ว 1.7GHz ขึ้นไป
       -การ์ดแสดงผลที่มีหน่วยความจำอย่างน้อย 64MB ที่สนับสนุน
        DirectX 9.0c (NVIDIA Geforce4 Ti/ATI Radeon 8500 ขึ้นไป)
       -Ram 512MB
       -ซาวด์การ์ดที่สนับสนุน Direct X
       -พื้นที่ว่างบนฮาร์ดดิสก์ 5.3 GB
       -ไดร์ฟดีวีดีความเร็ว 8X ขึ้นไป

http://www.egoshare.com/3b3033843135305 … 01rar.html
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File Password : http://n30.dl.am 

ใคร ที่โหลดที่ไหนก็แล้วแต่ไม่เป็นภาษาไทยแนะนำให้ลองลง(ส่วนใครที่เป็นไทยแล้วก็ไม่ว่ากัน)

NO-CD Need For Speed CarBon Thai
สำหรับไฟล์นี้นะครับเฉพาะคนที่มี Vesion ภาษาไทยแล้วนะครับ

วิธีลง : เปิดไฟล์แล้วแตกไฟล์ไปไว้ที่ไหนก็ได้จากนั้นให้ Cut ไฟล์พวกนั้นไปลงทับของเดิมในโฟลเดอร์ของเกม
เวลาจะเข้าเกมก็เข้าที่ไฟล์ NFSC.EXE

http://www.uploadtoday.com/download.php … 445f289eb0

Carbon English-Thai Patch

http://www.uploadtoday.com/savefile.php … a38d6b5cae

อ่านก่อนโหลด !!!
ลงได้เฉพาะ Need for Speed Carbon V.English เท่านั้น
- Patchนี้ได้ใส่Crack no-cd(Thai)ไว้แล้ว เล่นได้เลย แต่ถ้ามีbugจากcrack ผมได้ใส่ตัวต้นฉบับexe
อยู่ใน ไดร์เกม/originalexe (ใช้ Daemon Tool+sd4hide+mini image เล่น(ไว้มาอัพให้ภายหลัง)
- เมื่อลงpatchแล้วคุณสามารถสลับระหว่างภาษาไทย-อังกฤษได้ โดยดับเเบิ้ลคลิก.reg อยู่ใน ไดร์เกม/Thai-Eng
-*คุณสามารถเล่นภาษาอังกฤษมีsubอังกฤษได้โดย ลงpatchแล้วไปไดร์เกม/Thai-Eng เปลี่ยนกลับเป็นภาษาอังกฤษ*
How To Save Time, Energy, and Money by Renting Your DVDs and Games Online

As a bit of a movie buff I recently discovered that the best way to rent movies and games these days is online using one of the Online DVD and Game Rental Services.

If you're into renting movies or games these services simply can't be beat for their time saving convenience and value.

The two biggest and probably most well known services are Netflix and Blockbuster.

Though they both work essentially the same way Netflix seems to be the largest of the online DVD rental services. Currently boasting over 3 million members.

For a very reasonable monthly fee I believe either one of these services will more than meet your DVD and Game Renting needs.

Some of the great benefits offered include:

- No late fees. Just do the math on this one alone and I think you'll see the value of using either one of these online services.

- Over 40,000 Movie Titles to choose from. Everything from the newest of the new releases to all of the classics.

- Free shipping both ways. To you and also on the return.

- Speaking of shipping, how about very fast delivery directly to your door. I get my movies within 1 or 2 business days.

- No long term contracts required. You'll like this one because you're free to cancel your membership anytime you choose.

- You get to keep each DVD or Game as long as you like. This is good because you have the freedom to watch your movies at your own pace. No more feeling like you have to watch it because it's due back on a certain date.

- For a very reasonable monthly fee you can rent up to 3 DVDs at a time as often as you like.

Both of these top tier service providers have done a great job of keeping the process simple. You simply sign up providing very basic information and make a list of the movies you want to see. Your movies will then begin to arrive postage paid in your mailbox in one or two business days. Like I said, crazy simple!

Once your movies arrive you have the opportunity to watch them at your leisure.

I don't know about you but too often I would end up paying more in late fees than I did for the actual movie. And when renting from my local store there just never seemed to be a good time to take them back.

These two major issues are completely gone when renting online.

Neither Netflix or Blockbuster charges a late fee of any kind. For me that alone makes renting online superior to the old way.

It gets even better though. When you're ready to send your DVDs and/or Games back you simply drop them into the pre-paid envelope you received with your delivery and mail them back.

As you may have gathered I'm sold on Online DVD Rental.

As long as the rental service providers keep things simple, as they certainly have so far, if you rent movies or games at all I don't see where there is anything not to like about this new way of renting them online.

You can try Blockbuster Online free now by going to Blockbuster-DVD-Rental.com

Clyde Dennis, a.k.a. "Mr. How-To", is Editor at EASYHow-To Publications and has been contributing articles that help people make their lives better since 1999. At his web site, The "How To" Library, you'll find a collection of the latest How To Articles, Tips and Tools to help you get things done. For more information visit The How To Library @ EASYHow-To.com


แฮร์รี่ พอตเตอร์กับห้องแห่งความลับ

Windows 9x / ME / XP
Intel Pentium III 500 MHz
Free Space Harddisk 500 MB
32 MB VGA Card (AGP / PCI)
Sound Card - Direct x 8.0a Support

12 part part ละ29 MB เลือกลงได้ทั้ง ไทยและอังกฤษ 

Password : www.PantipGame.th.gs

part1: http://www.upload.th.md/download.php?id=48A6D7F4

part2: http://www.upload.th.md/download.php?id=0A153397

part3: http://www.upload.th.md/download.php?id=C210F47A

part4: http://www.upload.th.md/download.php?id=5F75D243

part5 :http://www.upload.th.md/download.php?id=D86A0CEB

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part10: http://www.upload.th.md/download.php?id=CCA30E13

part11: http://www.upload.th.md/download.php?id=D3EB4BFE

part12: http://www.upload.th.md/download.php?id=F591FEB5

Serial : 2501-9679756-7145099-1532

Xbox vs. PS2 Game Consoles

There has been a great deal of discussion regarding the two most popular gaming consoles currently on the market: Playstation 2 (PS2) and Xbox. PS2 is a Sony product, while Xbox is owned by the software giant Microsoft. Many different people have worked with these gaming systems inside and out, attempting to determine which system provides the best performance for your hard-earned gaming dollar. Here we take a look at each gaming system and compare the specs and performance of each. We will attempt to answer that age-old question: which is the better gaming system, Xbox or PS2?

You can take a look at a table comparing hardware specs here.

There are many specs in addition to the ones listed above, but these should give you some idea of just how close these two game consoles really are. If you are looking for pure processing power and graphics capabilities, the Xbox appears to have a slight advantage. In addition, its computer-like features, such as a built-in hard drive are nice to have. With the PS2 you must purchase a memory card if you run out of storage room. When comparing raw power and extra features, the Xbox wins - but you have to keep in mind that the PS2 was released first, and there are additional things to consider besides system specs.

What about Multi-player Capabilities?

Both the Xbox and PS2 have multi-player capability. You can hook up a series of both consoles so that you and your friends can play games together at the same time. The Xbox may be connected using a home LAN system, much like your home computers (here's another example of how the Xbox is more like a specialized gaming computer). The PS2 may be connected using a link cable, not a LAN. This system may be cost prohibitive for some gamers, since you have to own multiple consoles, seperate TVs for each, and several copies of the same game (yep, that's expensive).

Of course, you can always ditch the local network and play through the internet. Bboth PS2 and Xbox allow you to play online against a random assortment of opponents. Xbox uses Xbox live, a fairly well supported online gaming network. PS2's network is not as popular as Xbox Llive, but it works fairly well all the same. If you are really into multi-player, it seems that Xbox is probably the best console for you.

Xbox Games vs. PS2 Games

When deciding which of these two game consoles is best for you, you should certainly take into consideration what types of games each offers, and which games you are most interested in playing. PS2, having been around a little while longer, tends to have the larger game library, but Xbox is not terribly far behind. In addition, Xbox tends to produce games geared more towards adults than children. The graphics seen on the new Xbox games are also clearly a step ahead of PS2 graphics. There is, however, nearly a PS2 game for everyone, and there are lot of PS2 games geared towards teenagers. If you are looking for games for kids, the Nintendo Gamecube may actually be a better choice than either of these two - and it's cheaper.

Other Considerations

Some other things you may want to consider when comparing PS2 and Xbox is the controller provided by each. These may not seem like a big factor at first glance, but people usually prefer one type of controller over the other. The Xbox controllers tend to be slightly larger than PS2, mainly because Xbox is designed with older gamers in mind. You can always buy a converter in order to get one game console controller to work with another.

As far as price goes, PS2 has typically been cheaper than Xbox. As of the time of this writing (Dec. 2004), PS2 retails for about $150 and Xbox $100. Game prices are very similar for both game systems, with most new games costing about $30 - $50.

The bottom line is, PS2 is a little older than the Xbox, and is geared for a younger gaming crowd. If you are buying this console for a teenager, the PS2 may actually be your best bet - they have more games, the console is cheaper, and the games are more appropriate for that age group. The Xbox is a little more expensive, has fewer games, but it out-performs PS2 and has more adult-oriented games.

Bradley James is a senior editor for http://www.scinet.cc, a consumer electronics review website. You can find more information about Xbox vs. PS2 at: http://www.scinet.cc/articles/xbox-vs-ps2/xbox-ps2.html

Counter Strike Source v2.5


http://rapidshare.com/files/2632709/CSS … 1.rar.html
http://rapidshare.com/files/2633300/CSS … 2.rar.html
http://rapidshare.com/files/2633803/CSS … 3.rar.html
http://rapidshare.com/files/2634380/CSS … 4.rar.html
http://rapidshare.com/files/2634910/CSS … 5.rar.html
http://rapidshare.com/files/2635345/CSS … 6.rar.html
http://rapidshare.com/files/2635880/CSS … 7.rar.html
http://rapidshare.com/files/2636555/CSS … 8.rar.html
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http://rapidshare.com/files/2640991/CSS … 7.rar.html
http://rapidshare.com/files/2641075/CSS … 8.rar.html

Theories Behind Magic Trinkets in Video Game and Virtual Reality

In Gaming we deal between Simulation, Augmented Reality, Fantasy and Virtual Reality. The best fantasy has some reality basis behind it. Trun your mind on for a second and let me explain.

Having studied the ancient art and cultures and myths of ancient civilizations we know that many groups of our ancestors and other genetic chains of members of our species often associated charms, trinkets and tools as sacred and possessing powers. Think of all the mythology out there with Brass Necklaces, Gold, Copper Artifacts and plates laced with metallic substances. Even gold plating and famous story of the singing of The Excalibur. Now then areas where meteorites hit the Earth and we know every 10,000 or more years we have a big strike and every 100,000 years we have a huge strike and every 1 million years we have climatic change or Extinction event.

Now then often these meteors hit and displace rock and melt minerals and alloys under the ground. In many areas there are copper, zinc, iron, gold, silver under the ground. If a meteorite hits is likely to melt local metal as it explodes on impact sending debris for 10-100 miles, this metal is coated and combined so to speak with the electromagnetic energy from the meteor through intense heat transfer and exchange. The metal alloy is then coated with an electromagnetic signature. This would appear rather incredible and magical to a member of an ancient society. It would also have real changes to the person and there own electromagnetic brain waves. We know this because we are currently studying the electromagnetic pulse in different levels and frequencies on the human brain to increase acuity, special cognitive ability, fatigue control in different parts of the brain. You may wish to read this issue of Scientific American for more information.


This is merely one article and I would recommend the entire issue to understand some of my other hypothesis. Now then we are using this for pilots to over come massive amounts of visual input from night vision and HUD ? Heads Up Diplay units in combat and in simulators during training. Currently DARPA is testing these and many other scenarios of which I totally am in favor of because the benefits of mankind are immense. This field of study is called TMS-Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. It's real and it appears to work by sending tiny impulses into specific areas of the brain. Now then by using a wire coil in the helmet of a pilot they can send small minute magnetic pulses into the brain.

Well a necklace or special piece of art made from a piece of copper collected from a nearby village where a meteorite hit a million years ago would do the exact same thing. And make that particular individual smarter. And give them a superior edge over the rest of the population, if all Indian or ancient cultures used this along with the witch doctors then in fact you would have magical powers. You see? Have we forgotten more than we have learned as a species? I submit to you that we have.

Today we travel to Mars, yesterday the moon, but for 160,000 years of upright walking on the planet, much was learned in medicine, electro-magnetic, stellar navigation, calendar making, etc. Interesting no doubt. Many have asked why on Earth I had to pay $560.00 for a physics class that used a textbook with only two pages on electro-magnetic energy? I want my money back. Typically education and professional PhD people hold themselves out as experts. When we challenge the experts such as Einstein asked us to do, they lock us out. Afraid to imagine, dream, think and try. We must press on, the human race and the continuance of this species clearly depends on it.

Eventually the truth comes out and people say wow, look? Yes, no kidding, very interesting, but it took how many years to get back the theories and basic ideas of over 200 years ago, with what was then modern science and although the ancient cultures did not fully understand how it worked they were aware of its power (my theory). And to that thought, let me pose one other, Have we not forgotten more than we have ever learned? Hmmm?

And today as we attempt to connect the Organic Computer Brain of Humans, we find a few difficulties, beyond the electro-magnetic innovations and research needed. I believe this to be an excellent idea and interesting topic. Seeing as the interface betweens human beings and computers is merely a few years away and will be available to the public on a pretty routine basis soon. Certainly not more than two decades as Chimpanzees are no controlling items on a computer screen by mere thought. Check out the DELL Catalog in February 2010 for more information. For now we have available these things:



Let us take places like the Meteor Crater in AZ and nearby copper mines in Flagstaff now defunct and the areas near the Sedona Valley said to have magical powers, which if you have been there, you might have felt different for a spell and simply wondered why or if that happened to be what everyone else is trying to explain.

Is it possible that a piece of that meteorite hit a body of water and sunk itself beneath what is now a covered over dry bed of an ancient lake? And yet it still emits a different radio frequency or electro-magnetic impulses which are pleasing to the human brain or assist the human brain in higher cognitive or different brain patterns producing what science is sure to pass off as silly phenomena and label the residents crack pots? Well the people at the Internet Café in Sedona, AZ and others who have been involved in the Holistic Universe theories believe, why? Why so many people including the Indians of the valley previously.

Indian cultures and ancient cultures discuss magical powers of their art, and if their art was made with magnetized alloys collected from above ground scavenging then in fact these magical powers as far as they are concerned are quite real. Well even today as we learn that electromagnetic waves are able to heal, enlighten, take the brain waves to a different state of mind. The current scientists are working on ways to use electromagnetic waves to cure cancer, Alzheimer's, and a host of other degenerative diseases.

Perhaps the Egyptians believed that the gold plated tombs and use of gold would hold in such powers of electro-magnetic energy for some reason. Thus hold in the healing capabilities or what they believed to be magic or of the gods.

Whatever the case maybe we have seen higher cultures early on nearby areas of known meteor strikes of sizeable proportions. Why is this? Did these cultures benefit from these events or settle upon such land where meteors had hit the Earth millions of years prior but left their electro-magnetic mark. Did such events help species of all types on this planet evolve faster, better or stronger? How much did modern man benefit from living in these regions?

We hope this ice-breaker has gotten the jucies flowing as to why the magic trinkets often seen in computer games make a lot of sense. Items with magical powers do have some reality basis.

"Lance Winslow" - If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance; www.WorldThinkTank.net/wttbbs

Ascension To The Throne


Rar pass : GoTcHA@2007
ชื่อเกมAscension To The Throne

New Helicopter Design for Your Video War Games

Using Underbelly Cone with Slots Facing Up On a Helicopter to Increase Payload and Liftoff Force. Picture a helicopter model sitting on top of a funnel. The edges of the bottom of the funnel on the table has an additional lip on it which raps around the edges with a little space between it. At the rotor blades force air under the helicopter into the ground cushion below they are forces into the inside of the cone. As the pressure build under it, it forces all that energy to the helicopters C.G. (Center of gravity). This continues as the helicopter lifts up.

It will cost us about $10,000 to build a prototype of this concept. Using a RC helicopter like one of these. Which will be a smaller model of an existing helicopter. We also plan to use some of the most recent micro helicopter technology as practice versions. We figure a micro version will cost us about $15,000 or less to perfect. RC Type Prototype platform to start tests prior to wind tunnel to prove concept:


Micro-MAV Helicopter Platform starting point:


Unfolded Cone Wing Shape:


Once the aircraft is off the ground, which requires a lot of thrust, the cone unhooks itself and spreads out into the shape of a wing similar shape to a bat. To show you the shape of the wing. Do this: Take a piece of paper and make a circle on it, six inches in diameter. Now cut that circle out. Then pick the center and make a dot, then make one cut into the center. Now fold the circle into itself to make a Yarmulke. Now fold it into a cone. This is the cone we will use. Now unfold it to the original circle. Now make another cut to the center exactly opposite of the first cut. But do not cut it all the way thru, leave half and inch to keep the circle from becoming two halves. Now fold the circle the other way but keep it flat, this is the shape the cone will become in flight. A bat shaped wing. With a little anhedral bowed into the leading edge as it sits under the helicopter.

The manufactured shape of the underbelly cone will actually be the shape of a wing, but hydraulics will fold it into the shape of a cone after landing. The wing will be used to slow decent and also to help with softer landings by adding to the ground cushion while landing.

The cone can pivot at the C.G., which can also help as the transition is made from hover to forward momentum as the collective is pulled up. Since the top of the cone pivots on the bottom of the helicopter the angle of attack in the wing configuration will also be adjustable. During rapid decent the inherent manufactured material will also be somewhat folded so the wings will curl down and will mimic wing tips of a "Swift" bird for high-speed dives. The swift can dive at up to 217 mph.

Now then as it comes in for landing the wing is used as a barrier to trap air underneath for an air cushion, for trouble free landings.

The micro helicopter could be enough to transport a hamster or mouse, even with the small six-inch rotor blades and six-inch wing when extended. We are currently making pictures, artist renderings and a design. There are many uses for this micro helicopter concept for MAV style surveillance and nano or insect size MAVs.

On the larger model helicopters and actual full size human version units, the cusp of the cones slats will act like slots or slats do on Short Take Off and Landing STOL Aircraft. This concept makes a lot of sense for many reasons, we still are working through the types of materials to be used, strengths and manufactured material concepts to provide for rigid shape while flying, but bendable for cone structure yet, strong enough to support the weight of the helicopter. Luckily the vertical strength of the cone can be manufactured as the primary objective, yet the unbent material can be flexible for the wing configuration. Many choice to look at.

"Lance Winslow" - If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance; www.WorldThinkTank.net/wttbbs

[GS] pro evolution soccer 2007 (pc)


มีทั้งหมด  13 ไฟล์     ครบแล้วนะคับ แต่ว่ากระผมยังไม่ได้ลองเลย  เล่นแล้วเป็นไงบอกด้วยนะคับ

WinningEleven Pro Evolution2007.part01.rar: http://sv1.gushare.com/file.php?file=a5 … 97da282f61
WinningEleven Pro Evolution2007.part02.rar: http://sv4.gushare.com/file.php?file=3a … 6d0c6ca08a
WinningEleven Pro Evolution2007.part03.rar: http://sv5.gushare.com/file.php?file=8c … 4efa4a73b4
WinningEleven Pro Evolution2007.part04.rar: http://sv5.gushare.com/file.php?file=21 … 90ff96a53b
WinningEleven Pro Evolution2007.part05.rar: http://sv1.gushare.com/file.php?file=14 … efb51a8807
WinningEleven Pro Evolution2007.part06.rar: http://sv2.gushare.com/file.php?file=c4 … 592a13be8d
WinningEleven Pro Evolution2007.part07.rar: http://sv4.gushare.com/file.php?file=16 … b6cb37b330
WinningEleven Pro Evolution2007.part08.rar: http://sv2.gushare.com/file.php?file=3e … 2beb8886d3
WinningEleven Pro Evolution2007.part09.rar: http://sv5.gushare.com/file.php?file=4b … 030c877610
WinningEleven Pro Evolution2007.part10.rar: http://sv4.gushare.com/file.php?file=37 … c4ba52418c
WinningEleven Pro Evolution2007.part11.rar: http://sv5.gushare.com/file.php?file=a3 … 9f03a3c763
WinningEleven Pro Evolution2007.part12.rar: http://sv5.gushare.com/file.php?file=24 … ec993574ee
WinningEleven Pro Evolution2007.part13.rar: http://sv5.gushare.com/file.php?file=7c … 9606d85d0b
Increasing Rates of Climb in Fighter Aircraft Like the New Joint force Strike Fighter

We know from studying aircraft like the F-8 Crusader, in which my dad had the fortunate to fly while in the US Navy stationed in Puerto Rico, that when the wind was tilted upward on the aircraft that it had a lower takeoff speed and much higher initial rates of climb. At which point the wing came back to position and it was a pencil shaped rocket with wings. Now then let us take the newest discoveries in wind tunnels about life, weight, thrust and drag. We know that the reletive wind pushing on the bottom of the wings forces the aircraft up.

Well then if you have a thruster forced on top of the wing at the center of gravity with the exhaust forced outward, pushing on the aircraft while the aircraft is positioned in a climb. This aircraft will therefore be put in a situation where the it is forced into the relative wind faster and faster and that wind deflected off the bottom of the wing would force the aircraft upward at an incredible rate of climb without significantly using up any more fuel than a standard climb out. The rate of climb will be much faster and the angle of climb very substantial.

I bring this up as we discuss some of the NASA lifting bodies and other designs to fly into orbit or for trans-oceanic flights using the upper atmosphere or space to reduce the friction and increase the speed to hypersonic levels. We are doing similar things on the Strike Fighter, but those nozzels are faced down for vertical landing and take off or extremely controlled and fast STOL. If the wings can hold the increased stress from the bottom of the aircraft against reletive wind. Now then you can try this on a skateboard. Carrry a 4 X 8 sheet of plywood and when going down a hill tilt the plywood to a 45 degree angle and you will leave the ground like a kite. If we have nozzel and directional thrust why not try it at the center of gravity on top of the wing forcing the exhaust outward and back wards at the same angle of incidence to a horizontal plane.

You actually do not even need to test this in a wind tunnel, because we already know this will work. If you look at the chracteristics of the Concorde where the nose faces forward and air is forced under the wings you can see the increased efficient use of the airfoil. The increased leverage from the ram air under the wing is more than the total combined forces of lift from the differences between low and high pressure as the air makes it back to the trailing edge of the wing. Just some thoughts on increasing the flying characteristics of jet aircraft and directional thrust aircraft to maximize all known characteristics of flight.

"Lance Winslow" - If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance; www.WorldThinkTank.net/wttbbs

The Sims 2 Special DVD Edition


สินค้าแฟชั่นน่าซื้อน่าใช้สำหรับซิมส์ของคุณ จาก H&M*

ผู้จำหน่ายสินค้าแฟชั่นจากยุโรปที่กำลังโด่งดังในอเมริกาด้วยแฟชั่นที่เป็นผู้นำเทรนด์ กำลังจะมาสู่เกม The Sims 2! ซิมส์ของคุณสามารถเลือกซื้อเลือกใส่เสื้อผ้าชายและหญิง ตั้งแต่ ชุดกระโปรง, กางเกงยีนส์, และชุดอื่นๆ พร้อมด้วยเครื่องประดับ – ทั้งหมดเปี่ยมด้วยสีสรรค์จากการออกแบบของ H&M นอกจากนี้คุณยังสามารถออกแบบร้าน H&M ของคุณเองด้วยเครื่องตกแต่งร้าน เช่น หุ่น, ราวแขวนเสื้อผ้า, เครื่องเก็บเงิน, และห้องลองชุด จากนั้นซิมส์ของคุณสามารถแสดงสายผลิตภัณฑ์แฟชั่นใหม่ของพวกเขาได้โดยการจัดงานแสดงแฟชั่น พร้อมด้วยแคทวอล์คสำหรับเดินแบบ อัพเดทเครื่องแต่งกายซิมส์ของคุณ, ออกแบบร้าน H&M ที่สนุกและอินเทรนด์, และให้พวกเขาก้าวไปบนทางเดินแห่งแฟชั่น
*Requires The Sims 2, The Sims 2 Special DVD Edition, or The Sims 2 Holiday Edition to play

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Download: - 425 MB


http://www.upload.th.la/download.php?id=AEBBD88C7 - Part 01
http://www.upload.th.la/download.php?id=1104ADA18 - Part 02
http://www.upload.th.la/download.php?id=731B15743 - Part 03
http://www.upload.th.la/download.php?id=3FEE96AB8 - Part 04
http://www.upload.th.la/download.php?id=FCB37B3D4 - Part 05
http://www.upload.th.la/download.php?id=32449B618 - Part 06
http://www.upload.th.la/download.php?id=6E87AA7A3 - Part 07
http://www.upload.th.la/download.php?id=081280503 - Part 08
http://www.upload.th.la/download.php?id=EE67B6224 - Part 09
http://www.upload.th.la/download.php?id=48E9F53E8 - Part 10
http://www.upload.th.la/download.php?id=2DBC28307 - Part 11
http://www.upload.th.la/download.php?id=CE8DF8E77 - Part 12
http://www.upload.th.la/download.php?id=4F59079C3 - Part 13
http://www.upload.th.la/download.php?id=FBBDB62B7 - Part 14
http://www.upload.th.la/download.php?id=6D9A59207 - Part 15
http://www.upload.th.la/download.php?id=58989AEC8 - Part 16

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Reviving Old Computer Games

Remember the good old days of gaming, when there were only 5 pixels in the protagonist and your imagination could turn them into a heroic figure of Schwarzenegger proportions? When the enemies and the heroes were distinguished by colour and you only needed one button on the joystick? Well times have changed and technology has moved on. Pulling my old Commodore 64 or Atari out of the back of the cupboard and setting them up often takes more time than the nostalgic pang lasts. I've also noticed that some of my old disks are starting to age and become corrupted. Enter the Internet.

The wonderfully technologically gifted and giving Internet populace is out in force in their attempts to preserve the older side of gaming. Remakes and Emulators for almost any old machine can be found around the Internet. Emulators act as a layer between old software and new hardware allowing modern PCs to run programs that such hardware was never meant to see. Commodore 64, Amiga, NES, Master System, Arcade Machines and more have all been emulated and the necessary programs placed online for download, usually for free.

Emulation is not a new idea. I had a hardware emulator for the VIC20 that plugged into the back of my Commodore 64 and allowed the use of the older VIC20 cartridges with the new hardware (I never actually owned a VIC20 or any programs for it but that's another issue). Emulator popularity has been fading in and out for many years, only coming into many people's attention with the release of Bleem!, a Playstation emulator for PC that was released while the PSOne still held a dominant share of the video game market. Bleemcast (a Playstation emulator for the Sega Dreamcast) soon followed causing one of the more interesting video game legal battles as Sony fought to have the emulator shut down. However, the emulators have a strong following and very active user base.

Emulators are easy to find and download. Simply search for the system you want and add the word emulator to the end (e.g. "SNES Emulator") and you'll probably come up with a lot of hits. Be slightly wary as some emulator sites will either be false links or may contain pornographic ads. Setting the emulators up to run is usually fairly straightforward and there's a fair chance that you'll be able to find some documentation and help. Some of the newer systems require a BIOS image to be installed with the emulator. This is to get around the legal issues raised by Sony in the Bleem! legal battles by requiring you to be in possession of a Playstation BIOS (and hence, presumably, a Playstation) in order to play the games on your computer. Making a BIOS image to load into your computer will most likely be beyond your technical expertise, but a quick check of your console's case will reveal the file you need to get and then it's as simple as searching the internet for a BIOS image that matches the BIOS you already own.

Of interest are the PC emulators now available. Windows no longer has very good support for older DOS-based games so there are a few emulators out there now to emulate the DOS environment. DOSBox (http://dosbox.sourceforge.net/) is probably the best known of the crop. There are also game-specific emulators such as ScummVM (www.scummvm.org) or DOOM Legacy (http://legacy.newdoom.com/) that focus specifically on certain games and hence are able to improve the experience for those particular titles.

Once you have yourself an emulator you'll need to get yourself some programs to run with it. These programs are called 'ROMs' and are images of the original storage device that the program came on (be it a cartridge, tape, floppy or other). The process of creating a ROM is probably far too technical for the vast majority of computer users so you're probably going to have to find a 'backup' from somewhere to download. This is where the venture gets slightly foggy. Basically the deal is that you can only have a program ROM if you own the original program. So if you have boxes of old Amiga disks, NES cartridges, or other old gaming programs stored away somewhere, you're in luck, otherwise you're treading on legally shifty ground. While it can easily be argued that the downloading of a 1987 computer game is of no real consequence to the company that has in all likelihood closed down, copyright doesn't actually expire for 50 years and computer games just haven't been around that long.

Online 'emulation' is a new area now being explored. The idea is that you simply play the game in your browser through a Java applet or Flash application. These might not always strictly be emulated programs but many remakes are feature perfect with the originals. The graphics, sounds, and game play remain intact. One excellent place to look for online games is Every Video Game (http://www.everyvideogame.com). While the site does not in fact contain 'every video game' it does have a very large list of old games from the arcades, GameBoy, NES, and Master System all playable through your browser. Many remakes can also be found at Shockwave's site (http://www.shockwave.com/sw/actiongames/arcade_classics/).

Some of the old games have even been remade and updated for this modern world we now live in. Try doing a search for remakes of a game title you particularly enjoyed and you may be surprised at what you find. There are games that have been updated to be 3D, such as some old favourites of mine: Pac man (http://www.caiman.us/scripts/fw/f1292.html) and Barbarian (http://www.dgdevteam.tk/), and while these might not always be brilliant games or remakes in their own right, the thought and effort put in often leads to an enjoyable diversion. There are also more traditional versions of games that have just updated the code as well as possibly the graphics so that they can still be run.

So if you're feeling nostalgic or just can't get the hang of these new-fangled games that require you to push fifty buttons in a precise configuration just to jump, you may like to check out the emulation and remake scene. It's surprisingly entertaining to go back in time to when games were simple yet fun.

Daniel Punch M6.Net Web Helpers http://www.m6.net

Super Mario 64 [3D Mario for PC] 7.39 MB

Super Mario 64 [3D Mario for PC]

The Future of Video Games

I've recently been thinking about where video games could be going in the future. I'm hoping to work in the game industry one day after I've finished university study and I've been wondering about it a lot. What do I want to see happen in the future? Well I may not have too many answers right now, but I have come up with a few ideas that I think may come into 'play' in the not too distant future.

Firstly forget Virtual Reality, as we know it. They've tried VR goggles and they made a lot of people sick in doing so. It's probably never going to work very well in its current form. They're still around and you can still buy them but they really don't seem to be taking off. It will probably take a lot to get people totally immersed and involved in a new form of game play. It's threatening to lose touch with the outside world and the people around you aren't going to appreciate it much either. The Sci-fi neural implants are also both a long way off and not likely to be accepted by a majority of the general populace without some severe marketing and luck. I for one am not planning on going through brain surgery just to have a computer attached to my head. In fact I never want anyone to able to plug into my brain.

A technology that was brought to my attention by a zealous presenter at the local 'Science and Technology Centre' (a sort of science museum aimed at making science fun for children and juvenile adults such as yours truly) is that of 'Augmented Reality'. Augmented Reality is essentially the overlaying of virtual elements onto the real world, such as a pair of transparent glasses that can display certain elements over the top of what is actually there. I agree with the presenter in that this could indeed have some awesome potential. Forget all the socially beneficial applications such as workmen being able to view underground pipes before digging, think about it from a games point of view. This technology could provide gamers with the ability to run around looking like complete idiots shooting at things that aren't actually there and that no one else can see, kind of like in the film 'They Live!' The upside to this is that it would be a lot of fun. A group of people from the University of South Australia created the 'ARQuake' project, http://wearables.unisa.edu.au/projects/ARQuake/www/, merging the classic shooter Quake with this Augmented Reality technology. Again, this technology may not ever become overly popular, but it would be entertaining to play with.

Technology has driven the games industry for a long time with new games always trying to keep one step ahead of the competition. It started way back at the dawn of technology and it continues to this day. 2D graphics gave way to 3D and 3D is becoming ever better. Graphics are starting to lose the ability to impress like they once did. The step between Quake 2 and 3 was amazing, but DOOM 3 while being visually very impressive isn't leaps and bounds ahead of its competitors in the same way new games used to be. 2D graphics encountered a similar problem; there comes a point where you just can't do much more with graphics technology. It is this that turns graphics from striving for technological achievement to becoming art. It is my hope that we will start turning away from tech demos and return to game play and making great entertainment. Games such as Zelda: The Wind Waker or The Sims that strive to show greater depth of character through simplifying the game enough to portray emotions will hopefully become more common (and more fun? but that's just one person's view?). Technology plays a certain part in the conveying of emotions and story but it's quite hard to focus on everything at once. When technology is easier and less essential to game sales we'll hopefully see an increase in games that cast a lasting impression.

Somewhat unfortunately the rise of the 'Casual Gamer' will probably lead to more simplistic games being released. While personally I would love to see depth of story and characters, there are a significant number of players out there who want to pick up a game for twenty minutes or so, have a bit of fun, and then put it down until another time. These gamers are generally less interested in the latest greatest technology and more interested in a 'fast food' kind of entertainment that satisfies the moment, despite the lack of quality or the lasting effects. Hopefully the two game types can co-exist peacefully although recently it has been seen that some developers are cutting down on some of the planned depth of a title in order to accommodate the more casual gamer.

As technology pushes forwards boundaries are slowly being broken down between systems. We saw the Bleemcast a few years back enabling the running of Playstation games on the Dreamcast, and the PC is able to run almost anything given the right emulation software. Consoles are able to emulate other consoles and new consoles are being announced that promise the ability to play PC games. The Xbox 2 is reported to have a model in planning that comes in a PC case and with the ability to run both PC software and Xbox software. Macs can emulate Windows software and vice-versa. We'll probably start seeing less of a distinction between consoles and PCs as the price of technology continues to drop and consoles continue to become more and more powerful and able to compete with the more expensive computers. Ideally we'll see a single platform come into prominence so that everything can be run without purchasing a copious number of different machines, although that does have a downside in that it can establish a monopoly for one particular company.

The technology price drop and increase in power has also lead to more powerful hand-held machines than before. Real games, not just simple toys are now available for the portable market. The advent of PDAs and mobile phones with the ability to play games raises awareness of portable gaming and new competitors are starting to get in on the field that was once primarily dominated by Nintendo's GameBoy. There is a new product, the gp32, that can run many different emulators and hence, many different system's games (including some PC games).

I can't say for sure what's going to happen but these are just a few ideas that I've had recently. Hopefully the games industry will continue to strive towards new heights with new and interesting game play, stories, characters and ideas. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens in the next few years.

Daniel Punch

[Worms 4 Mayhem - Games][3D] - Free Full

[Worms 4 Mayhem - Games][3D] - Free Full Downloads by momoza



Ingredients For A Great Game

There are millions of computer games out there on the market, how do you make your game best selling? What features have to be included? I have taken a look on previously best sellers trying to determine what makes a great game.

Set the player in focus

The player wants to be in focus in the game, he or she wants to feel that he can control the outcome of the game. It doesn't have to be easy, or it shouldn't. The harder the game is the better the player will feel when he has completed the game and won.

For example in Sid Meiers Civilization the player is set in focus and can affect the outcome of the game. She knows that it's up to her if she wins or loose. This concept is seen in virtually all best sellers, Doom, Civilization, The Sims, Sim City, Warcraft, Command&Conquer to name a few.

This can also be done in games that are heavily built on a story. For example in several adventure games by Lucas Arts the concept of that the player can control his or her destiny is used frequently. Developers should look out for basing the game too much on what the computer does or other factors.


Never underestimate simplicity; a gamer does not generally like to read hundreds of pages to be able to play a game. Sure advanced features could be included, but still the player should within ten minutes be able to understand what the game is about and how it is played. If the gamer doesn't the game will probably be turned into a dust collector in the basement.

Here the design of the menus and the interface comes in. Avoid having strange controls, like the firing button on F for example. If you were making a 3rd person shooter you would want to use the same set of controls as other games in the sector do.

The menus should be easy to understand, I have reviewed a lot of games were the menus are made out of symbols without any text. This is not recommended since the interpretation of a symbol is highly subjective; try to mix symbols with text.


With action I don't necessarily mean violence. There should however be something happening in the game, and when it happens the player should really notice it. For example killing an enemy in a 3rd person shooter should generate blood, building a police station in Sim City should reduce crime, killing the last enemy in Warcraft should generate victory, ok I guess you got the picture. Perhaps this seems quite basic, and it is, but still some developers don't think in these terms.


Never ever underestimate a game story. If you read any gaming magazine today you notice that there is an awful lot of focus on the graphics. The graphics are important but they mean nothing if the background story sucks. Of course this isn't true if a game is ground breaking. Doom didn't have a very well developed story but still it was ground breaking because people had never seen nothing like it before.

But generally the story is important, sometimes a player wants to feel part of something bigger.

To name a few examples we could start with virtually all role playing games. However don't do the mistake of writing the story too complicated. A simple story or shorter story should work fine as long as the story is good.


Yes well I have to mention it. Graphics serve one purpose as I see it; they enhance the game play and all the other factors I have mentioned. They are important in the sense that they communicate the game to the player. They don't have to be stunning but they should serve a purpose.

A recent example of this is Command&Conquer Generals, the graphics are good, they serve a purpose and they enhance the gaming experience. However the game in question was not that long-lived for various other reasons.

There are several games with bad graphics that are still fun to play for example Warcraft 2 or Sid Meiers old classic, Pirates.

Things that people can relate to

A bestseller game has to include something that the player can relate to in some way. The Sims that is the world's best selling game right now have several factors that people can relate to in real life. However remember that different people relate to different things.

Say that a person just saw a science fiction movie and thinks "I really want to fly a space ship like in that movie", so the person in question starts a search for such a game. This is also one of the reasons the Warcraft series become very popular, the Orcs and other characters in the game people remember from reading Tolkien's book.

Developing a game about solving equations will probably not be a hit since far too few people relate to it. These are the main factors that create a good game, if these factors are followed you will probably have a pretty good game. There are of course other elements that make a difference; marketing is one of them that will be more important as the gaming scene grows.

Daniel Westerstal is the editor of: http://www.uziana.com/ which features many reviews and other PC gaming related content.

Worms 3D


แบ่งไฟล์เป็น 4 part เพื่อความสะดวกในการโหลด
ขนาดจริงประมาณ 62.3 MB นะ

ไฟล์ที่1 ขนาด 19 MB

ไฟล์ที่2 ขนาด 19 MB

ไฟล์ที่3 ขนาด 19 MB

ไฟล์ที่4 ขนาด 4.76 MB

Are You A PC Gamer And Want The Best Out Of Your Graphics Card?


In this article you will learn how to get the most out of your graphics card by installing new drivers and tweaking Windows. The guide is based around Windows XP Professional Edition but you can use the same guide to tweak other Windows operating systems.

Step 1.

The first thing you need to know what graphics card you are using. The most popular graphics card companies are nVidia and ATi. Both these companies have an excellent range of products and offer excellent service. Once you know what graphics card you are using, then head over to the companies website where you can download the latest drivers.

Drivers are software that runs your graphics card, printer or scanner correctly. Being up to date with drivers will help solve issues that may arise with modern PC games. Just recently I had to update my drivers to fix a problem I had with a game I recently purchased, and this solved my problem.

OK once you have downloaded your drivers for your graphics card make sure you create a restore point using the utility System Restore. This can be done my click Start->Programs->Accessories->System Tools and then System Restore. Then follow the on screen instructions to create the restore point. By doing this it makes sure that if a problem occurs after you installed the new drivers, you can return to the restore point to see if the problem is the drivers you installed.

Once you've finished creating your restore point, you need to install your drivers. This can done by double clicking on the file you downloaded and then you follow the on screen instructions. After you've installed your drivers you will have to restart Windows so the changes can take effect.

If everything goes according to plan you should see an increase in performance in your games and you will not need to go back to your restore point. If you do have problems, use your restore point to go back and fix the problems. If the problem persists, then contact the company that made your graphics card.

Step 2.

Make sure you have the latest version of DirectX. This can be done by going onto the Microsoft website http://www.microsoft.com and searching DirectX. Once you've downloaded the latest version, you will need to create another restore point. One person I know installed the latest version of DirectX and then had problems afterwards, and because they didn't create a restore point they couldn't fix the problem and so they needed to reformat their computer to solve the problem. Again to create a restore point, go to Start->Programs->Accessories->System Tools and then System Restore.

Once you've created the restore point install the latest version of DirectX by double clicking on the file you just downloaded. Follow the on screen instructions and once you've finished you will have to restart your Windows.

Step 3.

In this step I will guide you through tweaking Windows XP. The first step will be changing the performance of Windows, to do this right-click on My Computer and then Properties->Advanced->Performance->Settings and select 'Adjust for best Performance'.

The next step is to change your Themes, so right-click on your desktop and select Properties. Under the Themes tab set your theme to Windows Classic.

About The Author

I run a small PC gaming website called Gaming Archive. I'm currently a student in England studying ICT. steve.hames@gaming-archive.com



Create Computer Games - Get Started on Creating Your Own Virtual Worlds

I've always loved video games, ever since I first played them on a friend's computer in the afternoon after elementary school. There's something almost magical about the fact that we can move images around and interact with virtual worlds, a living fantasy presented for us to interact with however we please. I've also always wanted to make games myself but, until recently, didn't have the technical knowledge to do so. Now, I'm a second year software engineering student, so if I weren't able to code a game without too many dramas there'd be something drastically wrong. But what about the common person: the person for whom the term 'memory leak' conjures up images of their grandfather, 'pipeline' is where the water flows, and 'blitting' is unheard of? Well, everyone can get in on the game creation process, and you don't even need to learn 'real' programming to do so.

So where do games start? With an idea. Games, like all fiction, require an idea to be successful. Sure, in the same way you can just sit down and write a story without foresight, you can jump on in and slap a game together. However, unless you get ridiculously lucky, the best works are usually the ones that have been well thought out beforehand.

There are two methods of planning a project. You can start from a known technological standpoint and build your project on top of that or you can just go for the design, add as many features and ideas as you like, and then remove the ones that you can't use when you've decided on the technology you're going to implement the game with. In general, the second type is probably the best one to go with when designing games. When you're first starting out however, the first option will save you many headaches.

So, for a first game you're going to want a pretty simple idea. Don't get me wrong, crazy-go-nuts game ideas are fantastic, and there should be more of them out there, but you're not going to be able to create a real world simulator with fifty billion virtual people all interacting real time with your actions having a butterfly effect on the future of the virtual universe when it's just your first game. Really. Many people try it; none that I know of have succeeded. Imitation is the best way to start out. Simple games such as 'Space Invaders', 'Tetris', 'Pacman' or even 'Pong' are great places to start. All are largely simple to create but have some inherent challenges. 'Pacman' for example, requires path finding for the ghosts. I recommend that you start even simpler than that for your very first attempt. 'Space Invaders' is a nice point to jump in. You can make a simple, complete game without much effort and it's almost infinitely extensible.

If you're stuck for an idea, pick a genre that you enjoy. Do you love adventure games such as 'Monkey Island', 'Grim Fandango', 'Space Quest', 'King's Quest' etc.? Design one of those. Are you into fighting games like 'Street Fighter', 'Tekken', 'Soul Calibur', 'Mortal Kombat' and so on? Come up with an idea for that. Do you like first person shooters such as 'Quake', 'Half Life' or 'Doom'? I don't recommend it as a first project, but you can always give it a go. Feel free to be as generic as you like, this is a learning experience after all.

Now that you have your idea it's time to flesh it out. Don't worry about the technology or the fact that you may not know how to actually implement a game just yet, just grab yourself some paper and a pencil and go crazy with ideas. Describe the main characters, game play, goals, interactions, story, and key mappings, anything you can think of. Make sure you have enough detail so that someone can read through the notes and play through the game in their head with relative accuracy. Changing game design during the coding process is almost always a bad idea. Once it's set, it should remain set until the tweaking phase (I'll go into this more later) or you're likely to enter 'development hell', where the project goes on and on; more and more work is done with less and less outcome.

At the end of this period of your game creation, you should have the following:

- A written outline of the game's characters and possibly a sketch or two (be they space ships, yellow circles, cars or the prince of the dark kingdom of Falgour, you need to know who or what the player will be and who they will compete against)

- A written outline of the story (if there is one, this isn't too vital for 'Space Invaders' or 'Tetris', but for 'Uber Quest: An Adventure of Awesomeness' it's a really good idea)

- A description of game play, written or storyboarded. Storyboards are visual representations of ideas. Draw your characters in actions, with arrows showing the flow of action and short written descriptions detailing the events occurring in your image (because some of us aren't fantastic artists and our images can be a little? open to interpretation?)

Now that you have a fleshed out idea, it's time to work out how this will all get put together. If you've gotten to this point and are worried that you're going to have to spend years learning complex programming languages in order to implement your idea, fear not! Others have already done the hard yards for you. There are many RAD (Rapid Application Development) Tools available for game creation, a number of which are available for free online. Some of them still require you to learn a 'scripting language' (a simplified programming language made for a specific task) but in general this isn't too complicated or involved. I've compiled a brief list of some of these I have found at the end of the article. The free ones are listed first, organized by game genre.

Well, that should be enough to get you started in the creation of your game. The most important thing to remember once you've gotten this far is that you need to complete your game. Many people start a project and then lose interest and it fails, or they keep moving on to one new project after another without finishing anything. Start small, build a working (if simple) game that is, above all else, complete. When you get to this stage you will always have a huge number of things that you wish to change, fix etc. but you'll get a great feeling from knowing that it is, in its way, finished.

From this point, you can start the tweaking phase. Play your game a few times and ask others to do the same. Take note of what isn't fun or could be better and change things here. At this stage, it is more important than ever to keep backups of previous versions so that if a change doesn't work you can go back and try something different without losing any of your work. It is at this point that you can add all new features, improve graphics and sounds, whatever you please, safe in the knowledge that you're working on a solid foundation.

When you're happy with your game, why not share it with the world? There are many cheap or free places out there for you to host your files on and then you can jump on link lists and forums and let everyone know about your creation. Well, I hope that this has been a helpful introduction into the art of creating games. It's a great deal of fun, and can open whole new avenues of creative expression for you to explore. Jump in and have fun!


General Game Creation: (Tools that allow easy creation of many different game types) Game Maker: http://www.gamemaker.nl MegaZeux: http://megazeux.sourceforge.net/

Adventure Games: (Games such as Monkey Island, King's Quest, Space Quest etc.) Adventure Game Studio: http://www.bigbluecup.com AGAST: http://www.allitis.com/agast/ 3D Adventure Studio: http://3das.noeska.com/ ADRIFT (for text adventures): http://www.adrift.org.uk/

Role Playing Games (RPGs): (Games such as Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire, Diablo) OHRPG: http://www.hamsterrepublic.com/ohrrpgce/ RPG Toolit: http://www.toolkitzone.com/

Fighting Games: (Games such as Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Soul Calibur etc.) KOF91: http://sourceforge.net/projects/kof91/ MUGEN (unfortunately the site is largely in French): http://www.streetmugen.com/mugen-us.html

Side-Scrolling Games: (Games such as the 2D Mario Games, Sonic the Hedgehog, Double Dragon etc.) The Scrolling Game Development Kit: http://gamedev.sourceforge.net/

There are many others available as well. One particularly useful site for finding game creation tools is: http://www.ambrosine.com/resource.html

Also of note, although not freeware, are the excellent game creation tools available by Clickteam at: http://www.clickteam.com/English/ Klik and Play and The Games Factory in particular are the programs to have a look at and download the free demos of.

If you really want to do things right and program the game yourself, there are some excellent programming resources available at the following locations:

Java Game Programming: http://fivedots.coe.psu.ac.th/~ad/jg/ http://www.gamedev.net/reference/articles/article1262.asp http://javaboutique.internet.com/tutorials/Java_Game_Programming/

Visual Basic Game Programming: http://markbutler.8m.com/vb-tutorial.htm

C++ Game Programming: http://www3.telus.net/alexander_russell/course_dx/introduction_dx.htm http://www.rit.edu/~jpw9607/tutorial.htm

General Information: http://www.gamedev.net/ http://www.gamasutra.com/

Daniel Punch M6.Net http://www.m6.net Daniel Punch is a university student learning how to make a living through having fun.

[Game] - SimCity 4 Thai Edition


part1 : http://sv1.gushare.com/file.php?file=9c … 6bf8d52abe

part2 : http://sv4.gushare.com/file.php?file=03 … 0a569eb527

part 3 : http://sv4.gushare.com/file.php?file=01 … 7b2cb65c1e

part4 : http://sv5.gushare.com/file.php?file=3d … 8e61164074

part5 : http://sv2.gushare.com/file.php?file=7b … 347863c975

part6 : http://sv2.gushare.com/file.php?file=1a … 51454e04a1

part7 : http://sv2.gushare.com/file.php?file=54 … 4c52a71fde

part8 : http://sv3.gushare.com/file.php?file=f6 … 02621c84db

pass : sabyehua
Counter Strike, The Beginner of Broad Band PC Gaming

This is the world of 21st century, the century of technologies. Every thing is fast now a days and as far as the Computers and games are concerned, they are at the top of all. Every one these days like playing games and some of them love it. Well few years ago PC gaming was not so advance and usually was single user based and if any one wanted to play with any other player then one must have an extra input or any compatible playing device .

An era of new technology began after the entrance of Network gaming or Multiplayer gaming which revolutionized the PC gaming world.

The term of multiplayer gaming was that from now on if a person wants to play a certain game with any other person the he can easily connect to the other person's computer using broad band internet connection .

Usually before the arrival of Broad Band, games were played thorough Modem. This was perfect in those days as the games were not too heavy and only few packets of data are sent and received. However over the years this scene has changed greatly.


Now a days multiplayer games send and receive more data and therefore need faster protocol for sending and receiving data items. Amongst those of course is COUNTER STRIKE.

Few years ago when there was no concept of Broad Band, one would really be able to get anything faster than the ISDN connection. But today as compared to the past we have much greater availability and much greater broad band technology like DSL and Cable Modem as compare to normal dialup modem. So PC gaming has become very much advance and high quality games can be played at a very high speeds. Counter Strike is the most popular multiplayer game using Broad Band Connection. THE GAME :

Without any doubt it is the most popular game played over the years and is the modification of half life developed by Valve. It is FPS (First Person Shooter) type game and is totally action packed. The game is divided into two teams The Terrorist Forces and The Counter Terrorist Forces. The game is played on some Maps which have different locations and objectives. According to these Maps the Counter Terrorists and the Terrorist Forces assassinate/ Escapes, Hostages/ Rescues and diffuse bomb etc..


Weapons armors and other equipment are very important parts of the game. There is a wide variety of different equipments like night vision, hand grenades and other pistols and guns. The player have to buy those stuff. In order to buy ammos and other equipments, player must be in a shopping cart area and more importantly have funds in his account.

There are a lot of small and big, simple and advance equipments available in Counter Strike pistols and sub machine guns are the main features of the game. Each Weapon is different from other. Thus all the Weapons and equipment gives a realistic touch to the game. Money management is one of the most important part of the game. Therefore by buying a particular equipment or weapon and using at the time when it is needed will take the player at the top of the game without any involvement of difficulty.


As there are two teams i-e Counter Terrorists and Terrorists. The player has option of either joining either of the team. A server is created by any player usually by the host and every player must join that server in order to play the game.

The Counter Terrorist look to eliminate the Terrorists completely or fulfill the map objectives while the Terrorist forces look to completely destroy the Counter Terrorists. Thus different Map have different challenges and strategies for each team.

When a player dies he is unable to continue playing until the whole round ends until the ending of the round the player enters a spectator mode which they are free to roam around throughout the map and check out all the remaining actions.


It can be concluded in a way that Counter Strike will always have this privilege that it is the starter of the prefect broad band PC gaming which will lead to revolutionize the PC gaming world.


I m Fahad Ahmed Bashir the student of Software Engineering in department of computer science karachi university.

Final Fantasy VIII [ENG] [PC] [FULL]

Final Fantasy VIII [ENG] [PC] [FULL]


อีกภาคของ Final Fantasy Series เกม RPG ที่หลายๆคนรู้จัก และเป็นที่นิยมมากในเหล่านักเล่นเกม RPG ในภาคนี้ลง PC แล้วพร้อมกับจำนวนแผ่นถึง 5 CD ถึงแม้ว่าภาคนี้หลายๆคนจะไม่ชอบในระบบ แบบใหม่ที่มีในภาค แต่ใครจะว่ายังไงนั้นผมไม่สนเพราะผมชอบภาคนี้มากที่สุด (ส่วนใหญ่หลายๆคนจะชอบ FF7 มากกว่า) ถ้าท่านเป็น 1 คนที่ชื่นชอบ Series Final Fantasy จะรอช้าอยู่ทำไม Download โลด!!!

หลังจากลงเสร็จแล้วเข้า Start เข้า run พิมพ์ regedit แล้วกด OK
ที่ DataDrive คลิ๊กขวา เลือก Modify

เปลี่ยนชื่อไดร์เดิมให้เป็นไดร์จำลองของท่าน เช่น สมมุติไดร์ CD ปกติเปง e: ไดร์จำลองเปง f: ก็เปลี่ยนให้ เปง f: ซะ
กด OK แค่นี้ ก็เล่นได้แล้วจ้า
ขอบคุณทั่น Demoniacx มากค่ะที่ทำให้เล่นได้โดยไม่ต้องไรท์ คับ

Patch สำหรับการ์ดจอ Nvidia GeForce
http://download.jupiter.come2store.com/ … VPatch.zip

ห้ามกดใช้โปรแกรมดาวโหลดโดยตรงจาก Link คลิ๊กเข้าไปก่อนแล้วรอ 15 วินาทีจึงค่อยโหลด

Download from this link
Files upload : Overall progess 100% Complete

Install Disc
Files upload : 100% Complete

[Install Disc 1] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part01.exe
[Install Disc 2] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part02.rar
[Install Disc 3] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part03.rar
[Install Disc 4] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part04.rar
[Install Disc 5] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part05.rar
[Install Disc 6] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part06.rar
[Install Disc 7] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part07.rar
[Install Disc 8] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part08.rar
[Install Disc 9] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part09.rar
[Install Disc 10] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part10.rar

[Install Disc 11] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part11.rar
[Install Disc 12] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part12.rar
[Install Disc 13] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part13.rar
[Install Disc 14] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part14.rar
[Install Disc 15] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part15.rar
[Install Disc 16] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part16.rar
[Install Disc 17] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part17.rar
[Install Disc 18] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part18.rar
[Install Disc 19] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part19.rar
[Install Disc 20] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part20.rar

[Install Disc 21] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part21.rar
[Install Disc 22] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part22.rar
[Install Disc 23] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part23.rar
[Install Disc 24] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part24.rar
[Install Disc 25] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part25.rar
[Install Disc 26] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part26.rar
[Install Disc 27] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part27.rar
[Install Disc 28] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part28.rar
[Install Disc 29] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part29.rar
[Install Disc 30] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part30.rar

[Install Disc 31] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part31.rar
[Install Disc 32] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part32.rar
[Install Disc 33] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part33.rar
[Install Disc 34] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part34.rar
[Install Disc 35] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part35.rar
[Install Disc 36] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part36.rar
[Install Disc 37] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part37.rar
[Install Disc 38] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part38.rar
[Install Disc 39] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part39.rar
[Install Disc 40] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part40.rar

[Install Disc 41] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part41.rar
[Install Disc 42] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part42.rar
[Install Disc 43] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part43.rar
[Install Disc 44] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part44.rar
[Install Disc 45] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part45.rar
[Install Disc 46] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part46.rar
[Install Disc 47] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part47.rar
[Install Disc 48] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part48.rar
[Install Disc 49] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part49.rar
[Install Disc 50] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part50.rar

[Install Disc 51] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part51.rar
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[Install Disc 60] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part60.rar

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[Disc 1 Part 1] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part01.exe
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[Disc 1 Part 3] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part03.rar
[Disc 1 Part 4] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part04.rar
[Disc 1 Part 5] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part05.rar
[Disc 1 Part 6] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part06.rar
[Disc 1 Part 7] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part07.rar
[Disc 1 Part 8] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part08.rar
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[Disc 1 Part 31] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part31.rar
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[Disc 1 Part 47] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part47.rar
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[Disc 1 Part 51] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part51.rar
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[Disc 1 Part 58] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part58.rar
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[Disc 1 Part 60] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/en … part60.rar

[Disc 1 Part 61] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part61.rar
[Disc 1 Part 62] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part62.rar
[Disc 1 Part 63] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part63.rar
[Disc 1 Part 64] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part64.rar
[Disc 1 Part 65] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part65.rar
[Disc 1 Part 66] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part66.rar
[Disc 1 Part 67] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part67.rar
[Disc 1 Part 68] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part68.rar
[Disc 1 Part 69] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part69.rar
[Disc 1 Part 70] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part70.rar

[Disc 1 Part 71] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part71.rar
[Disc 1 Part 72] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part72.rar
[Disc 1 Part 73] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part73.rar
[Disc 1 Part 74] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part74.rar
[Disc 1 Part 75] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part75.rar

Files size : 715Mb

Disc 2
Files upload : 100% Complete

[Disc 2 Part 1] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part01.exe
[Disc 2 Part 2] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part02.rar
[Disc 2 Part 3] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part03.rar
[Disc 2 Part 4] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part04.rar
[Disc 2 Part 5] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part05.rar
[Disc 2 Part 6] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part06.rar
[Disc 2 Part 7] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part07.rar
[Disc 2 Part 8] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part08.rar
[Disc 2 Part 9] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part09.rar
[Disc 2 Part 10] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part10.rar

[Disc 2 Part 11] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part11.rar
[Disc 2 Part 12] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part12.rar
[Disc 2 Part 13] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part13.rar
[Disc 2 Part 14] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part14.rar
[Disc 2 Part 15] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part15.rar
[Disc 2 Part 16] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part16.rar
[Disc 2 Part 17] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part17.rar
[Disc 2 Part 18] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part18.rar
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[Disc 2 Part 33] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part33.rar
[Disc 2 Part 34] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part34.rar
[Disc 2 Part 35] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part35.rar
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[Disc 2 Part 37] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part37.rar
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[Disc 2 Part 40] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part40.rar

[Disc 2 Part 41] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part41.rar
[Disc 2 Part 42] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part42.rar
[Disc 2 Part 43] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part43.rar
[Disc 2 Part 44] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part44.rar
[Disc 2 Part 45] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part45.rar
[Disc 2 Part 46] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part46.rar
[Disc 2 Part 47] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part47.rar
[Disc 2 Part 48] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part48.rar
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Files size : 558Mb

Disc 3
Files upload : 100% Complete

[Disc 3 Part 1] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part01.exe
[Disc 3 Part 2] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part02.rar
[Disc 3 Part 3] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part03.rar
[Disc 3 Part 4] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part04.rar
[Disc 3 Part 5] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part05.rar
[Disc 3 Part 6] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part06.rar
[Disc 3 Part 7] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part07.rar
[Disc 3 Part 8] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part08.rar
[Disc 3 Part 9] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part09.rar
[Disc 3 Part 10] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part10.rar

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[Disc 3 Part 12] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part12.rar
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[Disc 3 Part 17] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part17.rar
[Disc 3 Part 18] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part18.rar
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[Disc 3 Part 20] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part20.rar

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[Disc 3 Part 22] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part22.rar
[Disc 3 Part 23] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part23.rar
[Disc 3 Part 24] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part24.rar
[Disc 3 Part 25] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part25.rar
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[Disc 3 Part 31] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part31.rar
[Disc 3 Part 32] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part32.rar
[Disc 3 Part 33] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part33.rar
[Disc 3 Part 34] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part34.rar
[Disc 3 Part 35] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part35.rar
[Disc 3 Part 36] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part36.rar
[Disc 3 Part 37] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part37.rar
[Disc 3 Part 38] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part38.rar
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[Disc 3 Part 59] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part59.rar

Files size : 557Mb

Disc 4
Files upload : 100% Complete

[Disc 4 Part 1] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part01.exe
[Disc 4 Part 2] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part02.rar
[Disc 4 Part 3] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part03.rar
[Disc 4 Part 4] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part04.rar
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[Disc 4 Part 8] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part08.rar
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[Disc 4 Part 52] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part52.rar
[Disc 4 Part 53] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part53.rar
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[Disc 4 Part 55] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part55.rar
[Disc 4 Part 56] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part56.rar
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[Disc 4 Part 71] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part71.rar
[Disc 4 Part 72] http://www.filesupload.com/userfiles/ev … part72.rar
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Files size : 692Mb

Total size : 3.01Gb

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Here's some more proof.

You can have 120 different arrangements of five numbers under each of the four columns under the B, I, G, and O. You can have 24 different arrangements of the four numbers under the N. So, 120 times, 120 times, times 24, times 120, times 120 equals 4,976,640,000. That's the number of bingo game cards that could exist, all with the same twenty-four numbers, but just in a different arrangement on each card.

Doing the arithmetic then, there are 111,007,923,832,371,000 possible unique BINGO combinations where no two cards would have the same twenty four numbers. (That's 111-million-million.)

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