Football Manager 2007 ( Full Option ) [Sport]


Windows 98/ME/2000/XP,
1GHz processor,

Windows XP
AMD or Intel Dual Core 2GHz
1024x768 32Bit display
650MB HD Space

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Having adopted a yearly moniker instead of the traditional seasonal updates sandwiched between major releases, there seems to be a greater emphasis on Sports Interactive to stretch the barrel with each subsequent release of Football Manager. Though the change to the traditional release structure brings some questions as to exactly when the "major" new features will make an appearance, Sports Interactive and SEGA would likely argue that each annual update now contains a mixture of major new features and subtle improvements - a gradual evolution of the series. With lofty claims of more than "100 new features", Football Manager 2007 is a jump in the right direction, a refinement of the series to-date in the customary manner, making it just that little much better, thus rendering the last one obsolete - the circle of addiction faced by the many followers of Sports Interactive and their games.

Amidst suggestions that Football Manager has, perhaps, become a little too complicated for its own good, the initial change centres around the issue of accessibility. The attempt to make the experience a little more "accommodating" to newcomers is evident right from the start, presumably part of the same plan to appeal to new markets such as console gamers. A 'Set-up Wizard' steps the player through the intimidating tasks of creating a manager, setting up leagues and getting into the game. It's tough for a FM follower to understand how difficult this can possibly be, so the option to dismiss it all and opt for an 'Advanced Settings' style that's closer inline with previous titles is more than welcome. One particular new feature that is more appreciated, is the addition of a 'Past Experience' option, reminding the demanding fans and whinging players who the boss is with the many years of FM/CM experience stacked behind you. Although it's a quick solution to players concerned about a manager with a lack of experience, it does raise the expectations placed upon you for immediate success.

The overhauled 'Flexion' interface is the next noticeable change. With a new 'Ticker Bar' that initially seems to do little more then clutter the screen by offering "easy" navigation icons to the Squad, News, Shortlist and several others, I'll admit to them becoming a handy shortcut in many instances, though the information on the bar is rarely significant. Based upon designable 'skins', alterative options to suit everybody's interface taste will be available soon.

Developing the interaction between manager and player is a continuing challenge for Sports Interactive, an area in which FM 2007 makes significant strides towards accomplishing. Increased options to handle various aspects of a player's career, whether it's gushing praise at your want-away star player or "tapping up" a potential transfer target, create a stronger sense of handling issues on a personal level and forging that special relationship between manager and player. Being able to let players know you're resting them instead of being dropped without explanation, watching their morale plunge in the process, is an addition of monumental stature in this area, one of the many little changes that adds up to a lot. Although there's always going to be room for even more types of interaction and actions possible, this aspect of the game is beginning to feel like you're actually having a significant role and impact on a player's performance.

In the continuous strive to simulate the changing world of modern football, FM 2007 introduces increasingly popular aspects such as 'Feeder/Parent Clubs' and the dreaded 'Take-Over'. A larger club can take advantage of sending unwanted players or developing talent out, or perhaps having the first option over any of the feeder clubs most promising players; consequently the smaller club can gain financially from its bigger brother. Mirroring the daily talk of club take-overs in the real world, aspiring billionaires (or those willing to take a risk and plunge a club into debt) are a constant feature throughout the game and provide a significant new introduction to the game. Whether scripted by the team at Sports Interactive or sheer coincidence, a few months into my first season brought talk of a take-over at Upton Park �“ if that's the case, Liverpool and Chelsea will both finish mid-table and miss out on Europe next year!

Scouting has seen the most significant development, providing greater control with more thorough and informative reports. A scout checking out your next opponent will produce a comprehensive report, detailing the team's formation, style of play, star players and whether there's any injuries in the squad. The true tactician will take pleasure in scrutinizing the highlights from the report, hoping to discover the smallest chink in the opponent's defence. Scouting potential transfer targets has also been made more useful then ever, with the option to send a staff member out to watch over a specific player or from a region. Taking into account new 'Knowledge' levels that determine a staff member's effectiveness in any particular country, the resulting report is a comprehensive summary of the player's ability, potential, strengths, weaknesses, recommendation and transfer options.

Expanding upon the half-time talks introduced in its predecessor, FM 2007 now allows aspiring managers to issue inspirational comments before a match, during half-time and a final word on the performance after the match. A new feedback option also allows you to see the effect your talk has had on individual players, which although feeling largely random, does at least suggest you have some kind of influence.

Although still a fiddly area to perfect, Training as a whole feels more accessible then before, making it easier to gauge how a player is developing and encouraging to try out different routines for players. It's still not perfect and an obvious area for Sports Interactive to improve. Given the demands of individual training schedules to suit the varying demands of the players, it would be useful to create broad parent schedules covering the major areas and then fine-tuning an individual's routine on the player's Training tab. It's also difficult to judge what affect varying schedules are having on a player, because it's hard to determine what brought about a peak or a dip in improvements. Adding the dates of when a schedule starts, stops and changes to gauge its effectiveness over a certain period, would be a welcome 'new feature' for next year's version!

Away from the improvements to the scouting and player interaction, there's little that could be labelled as monumental new additions to the staple FM formula. Instead SI have worked away at a multitude of smaller aspects, which combine to make FM that little bit more enjoyable, at times inducing the "collapse-of-your-social-life" addiction that Sports Interactive are renowned for providing. Being able to nurture players back to full health by sending them to the reserves until match fit is a great addition, equally the ability to target a specific opponent during a match by forcing them on to their weaker foot or putting a hard tackle in. The true handicap on many FM follower's aspirations has finally been removed with the option of moving to a new stadium, provided there's adequate funds or the board is willing to suffer the debt. The crop of new talent when young players join the clubs feels more developed and believable then before, with authentic 'pre-contract' options and the flow of new players dictated by a club's resources. Playing a more significant role, the chairman and the board can go above your head when accepting an offer for a player; although it's a frustrating option when you know the people making that decision are doing it entirely for the money, it nonetheless captures the increasing depiction of football as a business.

Sports Interactive once again overcome any initial scepticism with a multitude of little touches and new introductions combined to make Football Manager 2007 an essential update - just that little bit better then before. A return to the "One More Match" compulsion that signifies Sports Interactive's work, Football Manager 2007 is going to keep you company for all the long and late nights on the way.

Resident Evil 4 (bio4) PC DVD


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Game Rankings SCORE: 98

Resident Evil is credited for inventing the Survival Horror genre and for period of time, ruled it as the best of the best. But quickly, the series was challenged and began to lose its shine. To win back the Survival Horror genre and the fans, dramatic changes had to be made without straying too far from the series' roots. Resident Evil 4 has a very difficult task to accomplish and the game does an astonishing job of it.

Resident Evil 4 brings with it many drastic changes, all of which make the game much better than previous installments. The biggest change is the new camera that follows Leon just over his right shoulder. The new camera gives the player much better view of what is in front of Leon and zooms in during aiming to give the player a better view. Not only that, but Resident Evil's trademark 'turn and move' controls actually feel good. Leon is easy to control, but a strafe feature would have been nice though. The quick access to the knife, quick reload, quick 180˚ turn, and the 'action button' are welcomed touches. The new aiming system gives the player accurate targeting capabilities. Enemies respond to hits accordingly so careful aiming is important. Resident Evil 4 is much more action oriented; though there are puzzles and key quests, they take a back seat to the action. At times Leon will face what seems to be an endless stream of enemies. Not only that, but throughout half the game Leon will have to make sure Ashley survives, though that is not of much concern. The enemies aren't smarter, but they're faster, unpredictable, and definitely unforgiving. Make a mistake, and you'll receive some heavy punishment. With a large number of enemies, ammo conservation is a concern but never a headache. The boss fights are something to behold. Bosses take strategy and quick thinking. The boss fights are some of the most creative, diverse, and entertaining battles of the game. There are plenty of new items and many different weapons. Space is limited and there are no more magic item boxes. The player will be required to manage Leon's inventory. And the player can buy and sell items and weapons. Money and items are dropped by enemies or found in the environments. You can sell items and use it to buy new weapons and upgrades. Like previous installments, this game is difficult. But the game is never frustrating or tedious. The variety of the situations Leon is thrown into keeps the engagement fresh. The game does its best to keep the player felling intense and on edge. But whether the game is scary or not is more opinionated. But seasoned veterans of horror games/movies will probably feel unsatisfied with the scares. Resident Evil 4 is one of the most enjoyable and playable games around. The experience is not only fulfilling but long. The average player will clock in about sixteen to twenty hours on the first play though. There are some fun mini-games and the player is given the option to replay the game using complete game save file, where weapons and items previously collected can be used for a new game.

Visually, it is simply amazing to see what Capcom has done with the GameCube hardware. Moody environments, realistic characters, horrific creatures, exceptional special effects- all of it combines to create one of the most atmospheric and beautiful games ever. Leon will face trouble in various locales, ranging from wide open villages to narrow caverns. The wide diversity in the locales that are in the game are worthy of recognition alone, but Capcom went a step further make sure each environment has a persona of its own. The characters and environments are stylized fittingly and feature generous amounts of polygons and textures. The lighting, rain, fog, and other effects make the environments look breathtaking. The most remarkable part is that everything is done in real time (even the cut-scenes) and moves smoothly without any instance of trouble. Everything is sharp, clean, and runs at a respectable 30 frames per second and supports progressive scan. There is the clipping, which is easily ignorable. But the absence of true widescreen (the game uses letterbox) is a letdown.

Taking full advantage of Dolby Pro Logic II, Resident Evil 4 creates the most absorbing surround sound of any game. The audio remains clear and on sync. The ambience, weapons, and everything else sounds excellent. The voice acting is very well done and appropriately fits the characters. The musical score is great too, helping to amplify the mood of the areas and situations.

The story of Resident Evil 4 is nicely done. Leon is on a rescue mission to locate and safely return the President's daughter. Leon is lead to a mysterious village in Spain, where he finds some unfriendly locals who do not appreciate his presence. The story has very little in relation to previous Resident Evil games but that is not an entirely bad thing for fans. There are plenty of surprises to please old time fans. The story is very interesting, minus a few anticlimactic scenes, and does not disappoint.

Resident Evil 4 seems to have it all: aesthetics that push the GameCube to the limits, great gameplay that never becomes stale, and quality all around. Resident Evil 4 not only reinvents the series but completely redefines the genre. Plenty of surprises, a new camera angle with an accurate aiming system, and more action make it the most enjoyable Resident Evil game yet. Devotees and newcomers alike will find Resident Evil 4 a fun, challenging, and fantastic adventure. Minor flaws aside, Resident Evil 4 is one of the finest games ever crafted.

Final words: Resident Evil 4 easily stands as one of this generation's best games; a new level of achievement for Survival Horror games.